Sunday, December 5, 2010


As I was saying in a previous post, my mom has been having some problems with her hip and is having a very difficult time standing and is in alot of pain. She is going in for hip replacement surgey in the morning ( Dec. 6th, 2010). She is really nervous about the surgery as she has been a very healthy person until this time, so it is her first time having surgery in her life. She knows it is for the best because if she doesn't  have the surgery than she would possibly never  walk again. I love her so much and want the best for her! 
please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you!
I love you mom!


just wanted to share next set of wood blocks I have finished. I think this one is my favorite so far. 


Thanksgiving was a little different this year for our family. My mom has been having problems with her hip for some time now and has been having a difficult time standing, so this year we had dinner at my house with me and my brother cooking everything but the turkey and the rolls. I was a little nervous at first because I am not much of a cook, but everything turned out so good! :) It was nice to be able to cook for my mom, dad and niece and nephews for once in my own home. I love each of them and enjoy spending time with them.

[ brittany making delicious pumpkin pies ]-- the cute apron she is wearing was made by my wonderful mom. (sorry this picture is blurry)

[ i love this picture- kolbey and my mom looking at each other smiling ]

[ Mmmmm LETS EAT! ]

[ I think he would kill me if he knew this was on here ]

I hope you all had a great turkey day spent with loved ones!