Saturday, January 3, 2009

Twilight perfume

Have you ever wanted to smell like Bella Swan? Well now you can...

HaPpY NeW YeAr!!!

WOW!! I can't believe how fast 2008 went! It seems like it was just January of last year. Why does time have to go so fast?

We spent time on New Years eve at my brothers house this year. We had a blast!! A couple of years ago, we were given fondue pots for Christmas. So on New Years eve this year we decided to get all the pots together for New Years eve and have ourselves a fondue party. :) Ohhh it was delish!! We had everything from chicken, lamb, shrimp, buffalo, beef and bread. We had several pots of oil going for the meats, but the bread was being dipped in a delicious cheese consisting of imported swiss and grier. Oh it was sooo good!! We also had a fondue pot filled to the rim with non other than....chocolate! Ah yes! I was in heaven..haha! We had different kinds of fruit to dip in the chocolate as well as some pretzels, which were my favorite. :) You really have to work for your food...haha but it is so much fun!

After a nice dinner, its always nice to just relax and enjoy each others company.
Here is Bethie, Lacie and Stacey
Colby brought his rock band over to play, so we had a little band going. It was pretty fun!
Here is Kim on vocals, Kasy on bass and I was playing the guitar.
Check out my concentration..haha!

Kasey on drums and Brittany was singing her heart out.

Big Colby and Little Kolbey were really getting into it. It was fun to watch.

Here is a video of the kids in action. Check out Kolbey and Colbys guitar playing. They are amazing. I think they should start a "garage" band. What do you think?

We ended the evening by counting down to the new year. Colby lit a few fireworks and we made some noise by banging a few pans. :) I look forward to what lies ahead for 2009. I hope you all had a Happy New Year!