Wednesday, May 20, 2009


The surprise birthday party we threw for my dad on Saturday was a huge success!! Everything we had planned turned out great. There were about 30 people that showed up to wish dad a happy 65th birthday. I'm so happy that he has awesome friends that support him in things like this :)

He knew we had a BBQ planned, but I'm not sure he knew what to think when people started to show up dressed up in their 60's attire.

Earlier in the day, he was talking to my mom and Brittany about the 60's. He was telling them about how attractive the ladies were when they wore their poodle skirts with their hair in pony tails..ha! Lets just say he had the surprise of his life when Brittany, Stacey and I walked out onto the deck together wearing our poodle skirts that mom had so generously made for us. Oh my heck!! The look on his face was PRICELESS!! He loved it!! :)

My brother Kim made an awesome video that had alot of things pertaining to the 60's and snapshots of dad and mom and pictures of when he was growing up with family etc. The video turned out great and dad was laughing the whole time, it was great!!
What a perfect day for a party and we had some yummy food going on too. HotDogs, hamburgers, baked beans, salads, chips etc etc etc.....It all was sooo delish!! :)
We tried to have a hula-hoop contest but nobody could keep it on their hips long enough to even attempt any sort of contest...haha!

Tim, Carrie and Abbi along with Amanda and Quintin also came down and hung out at the party. It was so great to see them, it has been awhile. They are such great people and fun to be around.
Abbi has grown so much since we have seen her last. Its crazy that she is saying a few words now and walking and running all over the place. I love this little girl!! :)

For their belated honeymoon, Quintin and Amanda went on a cruise to the Catalina Islands. They left Sunday morning and will be back Thursday. They are so lucky!!

Abbi loves chapstick just like her Aunt Bethie..ha! Such a cute picture, I love it! Thank you everyone that came. It was a blast and definetely worth it because of dad. :)