Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Keeping in touch with good friends :)

I'm a little behind on posting this, but I guess its better late then never, right?
Friday night Bethie and I got together with 2 of our friends that we used to work with. It was awesome to see them. Autumn just had a baby and you wouldn't have known, she looked great! And Shelly...this girl is amazing! She's lost 31 pounds since January on weight watchers. Way to go Shell, you look awesome! :) It was great to relax and catch up on everything.

From bottom left..Bethie,myself,Autumn and Shelly.

We finally made it on Saturday to.........

Yeah,this store is pretty much AMAZING! We walked in there thinking we would be out of there in like a half hour to an hour...NOT!!! We were in there for 2 loooong hours..hehe. Anything you can think of this store has and in any shape or form that you would like it in. WOW! I found my "dream" kitchen in there, but I was stupid and didn't take a picture of it. So when we go back...hehe I will definetely take one. I just bought a stovetop grill and some measuring spoons, nothing too dramatic. If you haven't been there, you should check it out! I plan on going back soon I hope.
Tomorrow is weigh in again. I didn't post anything 2 weeks ago because I didn't really have anything to post and besides I gained a pound. But last week I lost .2 and I'm hoping for more this week. We shall see. Keep your fingers crossed for me. :)