Saturday, May 7, 2011

California Trip - Day 4 Sunday April 10th 2011

We never seemed to know what we were going to do from one day to the next.
It was always spur of the moment and it seemed like there was at least one of us that came unprepared.
Brittany wore flip flops and we were doing a little bit of hiking. 
She felt a little bit out of place.  

We decided to go to Muir Woods on this day. I was pretty excited because I have never seen redwoods before. These were smaller trees, from what Brittany said, but I was still excited.
Everything was SO green and it was very forestry.


i don't know why, but they all have serious faces in this picture.

i love this picture.

After our hike through the redwoods, we grabbed some lunch via the trunk of the car. :)
Can't beat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and pretzels. ha!

We were back on the road again headed towards a beach- Muir beach to be exact.  
Once again it was windy and freezing. There was actually alot of people at this beach. good times.

crazy boogie boarders

After spending some time at the beach, we took a drive into San Francisco. We had a few things planned for the next day and we wanted to locate a few of the places we needed to go to.
fyi....most of the next pictures were pretty random. we never got out of the car this trip into San Fran.

San Francisco bridge.
Even though i've never been to New York, San Fran sure looked alot like it.
with the tall buildings and just the overall appearance of it and the busy-ness.
I decided just by seeing San Fran and driving though it , that I would only visit occasionaly and not live there.
It seemed like on every corner, there were people trying to make money in some way.
whether it was playing music or being a robot. these people were on a mission.

San Fran = way too much anxiety.....

Tomorrow is "game day" & a walk on Pier 39.