Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My latest addiction...

I love love love the show Army Wives on Lifetime! I saw it advertised and thought it looked really good. I didn't want to start watching it in the middle, so I started on season 1 and am now playing catch up. It really does hit close to home,not only what the people in the army go through, but what the wives go through while they are away. I find myself crying on each episode that I watch. Oh, and the music on each episode is amazing! You should check it out.

Who doesn't like zucchini fresh right out of the garden? My mom has been giving me some from her garden and I'm loving it. The best way I have found to eat it, other than zucchini bread is slice it up with the peeling still on(peel it if you like). Put it on a cookie sheet and drizzle it with a little olive oil. Add some salt, pepper and garlic salt and toss so it is coated. Put it in the oven on a hight heat, turning occasionely. Keep an eye on it, it cooks pretty fast. Delish!