Monday, May 17, 2010

a letter.

Dear Jacki-
    My name is Kathy Lenau. I believe your nephew, Doug and my daughter Serena were together and had Chloe. My oldest daughter had been emailing Serena but they got into a fight over Serenas lack of being responsible. I am told that Serena no longer has Chloe and I am guessing Dougs mom does. I am raising her other daughter. I have no intention of trying to interfere with what is going on but would like to get in touch with Dougs mom so we can keep in touch for Chloe and Megans sake and exchange pictures etc..
  I would like Chloe to know about us and want her to know about her sister. I have photos of Serena when she was young that I would like to forward.
  If this info is correct could you please pass this info on. Serena has been very distant with us because we won't pay for her to live there. She burned us big time when we tried to help her here. I'm sure the family there knows very little of the truth.
Kathy Lenau

 i got this most random letter in the mail today.
 apparently i have a nephew by the name of Doug.
 Doug was with Serena and had Chloe.
 Serena seems to be quite the trouble child.
 i think whoever sent me this letter may have the wrong person.
 what do you think?