Saturday, December 27, 2008


Christmas came and went so fast this year I could not believe it. Instead of being alone on Christmas eve, I spent the night at mom and dads. It was pretty mellow this year because my brother didn't have his kids this year for Christmas morning. It was fun though, and I enjoyed spending some time with my parents. The kids didn't come until later in the afternoon, so I pretty much relaxed, watched some tv, read a book, and took a nap until they arrived. I didn't get many pictures this year because Kim,Stacey and the kids still had to open gifts at their house together as a family so they didn't stay too long at moms.

We always seem to go overboard with gifts on Christmas because we have such a small family, but this year we decided to do family gifts instead. I think it worked out great

Colby,Tanner & Stacie

These 2 are growing up way too fast! I feel so old and wish that i could shrink them down in size and age. I love them so much. :)

Because we got so much snow, Kolbey and I decided to go outside and build a snowman. Its been years since I've built one. Kolbey was so dang cute. He gave the snowman so much character. Thanks Kobs for being such a great sport. Love you!
Here is our finished snowman. Isn't he so cute? And Brittany has to totally ruin our picture by being the scene stealer. HaHa..Thanks alot Brit!!

For family gifts my parents gave Kim, Stacie and the kids as well as Bethie and I a Wii. We were so excited. I also got a wii fit from Kim, Stacey and the kids. After dinner mom and I headed over to Kims house because they had theirs set up. Holy cow..I can't believe how fun it is!! Its amazing what it it can do really. We even got my mom to play a couple of games and she really enjoyed it. Way to go Mom!! :)
Here is Stacie playing some baseball.

And Tanner and Colby really got into the boxing. It really is quite the workout, so much that they head sweat dripping off of their forheads...haha!! Check out Tanners arm..its nothing but a blur.

It was a great Christmas even though it is still kind of a blur because it is over so quick. I enjoyed my time spent with my awesome family. I missed Bethie alot though. I look forward to seeing her on Sunday. :)

I hope you all had a great and memorable Christmas.