Thursday, March 10, 2011

jazz game & baby blessing

this was one crazy busy weekend. we were finally able to get tickets to a jazz game on saturday march 5th and were able to go with lots of friends and family. we got tickets for the jazz vs. sacramento game, and boy what a game it was. :]  alot had changed since we had gotten our tickets. head coach jerry sloan resigned as well as his asst. coach and deron williams was traded to the nets, but the team seems to be doing ok and i think it will take some time for them to really work together and win some really good games.
i don't think i have yelled that loud in a very long time. in the final minutes of the game we tied it up and it went into OT. YES!! more yelling......
and we won!!
such a fun time with everyone.

wish i could afford season tickets.

i actually got alot more pictures but only am posting my favs.
[Raja Bell]

[cj miles]

[andre kirlenko]

[paul milsap]


[al jefferson]

the new guys
[derek favors & devon harris]

[this girl LOVES ice cream! ]

after the jazz game we had to make the trip to logan for a baby blessing on sunday morning. we got to quintin and amandas after midnight and had to get up at 6:30 am to make it to church in weston idaho by 9. yeah, lets just say we were all tired and ornery in the morning. we wouldn't have missed this blessing for the world.

[sweet annie jo kropf] i believe i see some red in her hair. adorable.

bethie got this side shot of annie. i love it!

and....i could not leave these too beautiful little girls out for nothing. they are growing so fast!

[abbi] isn't her hair beautiful!?

[Lilli] so cute!!

good times!

i'm still trying to get caught up on my sleep! ugh
headed here in about 28 days :)

i can't wait! :]