Tuesday, July 5, 2011

California Trip - Thursday April 14 & Friday April 15, 2011

Ahhhh our last 2 days...
so relaxing, yet none of us wanted our vacation to end.

Thursday was pretty low-key for Brittany and I.
we basically didn't feel like doing anything, so we just hung out at the condo and watched some tv, played games, started packing and did laundry. yep..did laundry on our last day in Cali. not sure what we were thinking, haha!
but it felt good to do absolutely nothing!!

Kim and they boys went to the ocean (i can't remember which one) and did a few other things.
I gave the boys my camera and told them to take some pictures for me
well , this is the only picture they took.....

yep..of lazy sea lions! haha

Friday our vacation was over :(
Our flight was in the early afternoon, but we wanted to go to San Fran one last time before we headed to the airport. I'm really glad we did. :)

This was my FIRST plane ride ever in my 41 years.
to be honest with you, i was not nervous at all. kind of weird i know.
The only time i got a little sick to my stomach was when the plane was leveling out during the take off and then again during the decent. there was a little bit of turbulence but i was ok after a while.
I'm really glad i got the opportunity to fly once in my lifetime and i would do it again for sure.
I sure didn't envy kim driving the car back from cali on friday.

Here we are at the airport
boarding the plane

not a bit nervous..

above the was SO cool!

i loved the color of the sky and the clouds together in this picture.
i hope to see San Francisco again someday. we had a blast!