Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Release...

On this day, August 2nd,2008 at 12:01a.m. the long awaited release of Breaking Dawn and possibly the looooooongest day of my ENTIRE life!!
It all started when I pre-ordered a book on and then realized that it said that the book wasn't going to ship until the 4th of August. Excuse me...I have waited how long for this book to come out? So, I cancelled my order on Amazon and just decided to go to walmart and get one when it came out.
Brittany texted me and asked me when I was going to go get the book. I told her around 11:30ish. She said, "well I should come with you and we can have a sleepover." I told her that would be fine and to come on over.
We just kind of hung out for awhile and then the closer it got to midnight the more anxious I got. I kept asking Bethie what the time was and she was just getting more irritated with me LOL. I was really antsy and I just couldn't sit here any longer. So we left at 11.
We headed to McDonalds(for brits sundae) and to del taco for a couple of cheap tacos. All this waiting made us hungry I guess...haha! We kept looking over at walmart to see if there may be a line, but all we saw was a gazillion cars...YIKES!
We finally make it to walmart...sitting in the car in the parking lot, eating our tacos and watching groups... and more groups of girls walk in to the store. At this point, I knew we needed to get in there because we knew there would be a line. I don't remember eating my last taco..ha!
We walk into the store and walk to the back where we thought they may have the books. We turned the corner.....and WOW there was the beginning of the line. OMGSH..I though I was going to cry! The line just kept going and going, not an end in sight. We finally found the end and it pretty much wrapped around the entire joke! So we waited.....
It was getting closer to midnight and you could hear everyone start to get excited and then you hear....5,4,3,2,1.....and then just a bunch of screaming. Ok, I thought I was obsessed, but come on...its a book, do you really need to scream?? The line moved pretty fast, I was surprised and I got a book...YAY!! But then it came time to stand in line to check we waited again.....
I'm not sure what time we left walmart...but I started reading when I got home and read 3 chapters...didn't get to bed until 2:30am.....Yep, it definetely was the longest day of my life!!!

Just so you know....If you don't hear from me for awhile, its because I've got my face buried in a book called BREAKING DAWN.