Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lion King...

... was fantastic!!
I'm not sure if i need to say anything more about this show. seriously, it was amazing! Bethie and I bought our tickets clear back in February. I didn't think August 14th 2010 would get here fast enough. The tickets were pricey, but i would totally do it all over again. I loved it!
We had initially planned to ride tracks to salt lake, but we were running a little late so we just drove to the Capitol Theatre, and i am so glad that we did because if we were late, we couldn't be let in until 10 minutes after the show started. the first 10 minutes was by far the best! i seriously, no joke, had chills for that first 10 minutes because the animals ( puppets ) were walking in the aisles next to us to get to the stage. So cool!

 I wasn't able to get many pictures because you are not allowed to take them inside the capitol theatre, but i will never forget this night! It was so much fun and i'm glad i got to experience it and see a spectacular showing of Lion King. :)  

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

watch out! she is legal...

Oh man, my niece is growing up way way too fast! Oh how i love this girl!
She decided that she wanted to have a BBQ and invite a few friends as well as family. we were going to have the BBQ up american fork canyon, but the weather was not cooperating, so we had it at my house instead. :)
Brit- i hope you had the most wonderful birthday and got all that you wished for. love you.

 Cooper - Brit - Kylie & Ryan (now Mr. and Mrs Toomey) and Chassie

 Cooper - Brit - Kylie
 Kasey & Sandy
 they really do love each other... lol
 she couldn't figure out what i gave her..haha!

She has the go for the 'smore look in her eyes

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