Tuesday, May 24, 2011

California Trip - Day 6 Tuesday April 12, 2011

I'm a blog slacker...i admit it.
I'm really behind on my posts about my California vacation. forgive me.

today was a day of relaxation.
it was kind of nice to sleep in after the game and the drive back to the condo afterwards.
just wish my bed would have been  better. :/
we took our time getting ready and then took a drive a little ways along the russian river again.
the boys spotted a golf course and wanted to check it out and play a round of golf if they could.
but they couldn't, because there was a school there golfing at that time.
there was a restaurant there so we decided to grab some lunch while we were there.
it was expensive.
but good.

on the way to to the golf course, there were tons of vineyards.
brittany making an attempt of jumping off the curb. haha
silly pictures taken at the restaraunt.

on the way back to the condo, we stopped at a fruit stand and got some yummy fruits and veggies.
when we got back to the condo and got comfy, we played a game of pictionary.
one of my favorite games.
and i will just say this....
brittany and I dominated!!
we are goooooood!! :)

what a fun night!

tomorrow we drive into the redwoods!