Sunday, January 24, 2010

a much needed update..finally!

wow, i am sitting here wondering how i should start this post out and for the life of me i have no idea where to begin. lets jump back to dec. 2009....

what a crazy month that was! honestly i do not remember some of the things that transpired in this month because there was so much going on.

first off i would like to say that i am now a proud home owner. :) ah yes.. i was insanely crazy to purchase a home in the month of december. what in the world was i thinking?! it has been so worth it and it was not any house, it was my brothers house. i love this house! kim built it himself and raised his kids here. it still has a close place in his heart and as long as its in the family, he won't have to worry about it not being taken care of. :)

during the time i was waiting for the loan to go through for the house+ signing paper after paper over and over again..... christmas decided to make an appearance.

christmas was spent once again at my parents house, along with kim , brittany, kasey and kolbey. its always so much fun to wake up on christmas morning with the kids, even if they are teenagers now. :)

here are a few pictures of christmas 2009...

{the beautiful christmas tree}

{on christmas eve my mom made us fill in the blanks to "twas the night before christmas"- the kids seriously didn't know how it went..i was so ashamed..haha! here is brittany reading her "made up" version..haha! }

{we played cage bingo and won some cool prizes! }

{kolbey and fiona and kasey playing bingo}

{this is what happens when you leave your camera alone with teenagers-they end up taking self portraits of themselves} haha!

{looks like we were good kids, santa paid us a visit! } wow!

{kolbey asked for a bike sled-kim made it himself with kolbeys old bike and a snowboard cut in half. kolbey was so excited! i hope he wears a helmet because it has no brakes! }

{brittany got and edward doll-just what she always wanted!} haha!
{ from L to R- dad,colby and trying to teach dad how to play catch phrase, haha!....bottom left- i don't think dad quite figured out how to play, but it was fun anyways....bottom right- kim and kolbey}

we had a great christmas spent with lots of family!

now the fun begins! the weekend and week after christmas we packed up 8 years of our life and moved into the new house. it was an emotional time for bethie and I. you get so attached to things and you are leaving your comfort zone that you have been in for many years. it really is hard to move, both physically and emotionally. we both new that we were moving on to bigger and better things. not only will we have a home to make our own, but lots of extra space that we haven't had for many years. what a way to start the new year in 2010! :)

here are a few pictures of our apartment while we were getting things packed up and ready to move . it is so crazy how much stuff you accumulate over the years.

thank you once again mike, carly, tim and carrie for driving down from logan in a snowstorm to help us move. we love you guys! :)
we are adjusting well in the new house. we pretty much have things put away and we look forward to 2010 and making our house a home.