Monday, January 24, 2011


i went to Logan this weekend
and then to weston, idaho
to see a newborn baby
that i wanted to take pictures of
for the  first time.
the baby was so cute.
i left my camera in Logan.
what was i thinking!?

i went to dinner with some great friends
that i actually can call my family.
we went to Tandoori Oven
the restraunt is in a gas station, mind you
but it was some of the best Indian food i've had yet.
i didn't capture photos of this delicious food or friends
because once again, my camera was left behind.

we all met up later
to play some fun games
apples to apples
and a card game
by the name of
s*%t head. ha ha
pretty fun games.
but because i was enjoying myself so much
my camera got left upstairs.
i didn't capture mike and carlys laughter,
or bethies cute smile
or quintin and amanda concentration in reading their braille cards

sometimes there are moments you just don't want to forget.

next time, my camera will be dangling from my neck at all times.
the end. 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas 2010

Christmas was kind of low-key this year for me. Brittany, Kasey and Kolbey spent christmas eve and christmas morning with their mom and kim.  I spent christmas eve at my parents house. we ate some yummy food and just spent some quality time together. we didn't do much as my mom is still recovering from her hip surgery and is doing very well.
Christmas morning I slept in, ha! :] the kids weren't going to be at my parents house until 10 or 11, so we cooked up some christmas morning breakfast and watched the parade until they arrived.
So fun to come from a small family and spoil the kids every year, even though they are teenagers now. I love them and i am glad i can get them things that they want for christmas.
i feel very blessed to have such great family and friends!
I hope you all had a great holiday spent with the ones you love.

[moms christmas tree]

[mom is doing amazing in her hip recovery. love her.]
*please don't kill me mom...haha *

[i can never get a good picture of my dad. he is either covering his face or turning away. this is the best i could do]

[wow. look at the concentration.]

[this kid right here is your future BMX champion. crazy kid, but oh how i love him.] 

[aspiring guitarist] love him.

[this picture cracks me up! kolbey got a new helmet and goggles for snowboarding and mom thought she would put it on and model it for us..haha]
** i think i am not going to be living when she sees that i posted this picture **
love u mom :]

Later that evening everyone came over to my house where we had a delicious dinner of ham, funeral potatoes and veggies. It was so yummy!  we also played mario kart for the wii because santa brought that to everyone as a family gift. thanks santa, you are the best! :]

I think we all had a little too much too eat. haha!
even jess. lol

[ahem.. don't look at the mess. thanks.]

[be berry berry quiet..kasey is hunting squirrels..]

christmas was great this year. thank you to everyone for everything. you are all the best and i love you all!
here is to a new year with new begginnings.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

book review

I'm sure Jodi Picoult is a great author.
Her books are just too slow for me.

I had a really hard time getting into this book at the beginning. It got a little better towards the middle. I hated how they dragged out the storyline throughout the whole book and you had to wait until the very end to find out what happened. Kind of a depressing book as well.
meh. i wasn't a fan.  

Sunday, January 2, 2011

kropf family christmas party

we headed up to Logan on Friday Dec. 17th for the kropf christmas party. bethie and I usually cannot make it because the party would be scheduled for a day during the week. this year it was on saturday the 18th, so we were able to go. yay!!
i bought a brand new camera before we left because i couldn't get it off my mind. ha! i know..i know..but it is a super cool camera. a Nikon coolpix. i will post pictures later. :)
needless to say, i didn't have much time to get the hang of my newly purchased camera. so i was just playing around with it and got a couple of shots of these two adorable girls before we took them to get their pictures taken with their cousins.

 ~Lilli and Abbi~

aren't they adorable!?
Love them! :]


later that night we headed over to bethies parents house for the christmas festivities.
there was so much yummy food! sandwiches-salads- chips-dip-candy & chocolate(that may be the same thing, but oh well)-dessert, ugh! it was so delish!
it was fun to sit around and chat with everyone(even though i had a blasted headache). everyone couldn't contain their excited because we all new the "big fella" was going to pay us a visit real soon.
here are some photos of the big guy himself
she loved him!
she just wanted the paper.
I didn't get a picture of Holly and Sharon with santa. Holly is so very scared of him that she was in the back bedroom with Sharon. I really hope that she outgrows this because it is really so sad. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Love ya Holl!

Tim and Carrie [and abbi too]

               It was so fun to get to spend time with great friends that I can honestly call my family.

[ornaments on Amandas christmas tree. love them!]