Sunday, January 2, 2011

kropf family christmas party

we headed up to Logan on Friday Dec. 17th for the kropf christmas party. bethie and I usually cannot make it because the party would be scheduled for a day during the week. this year it was on saturday the 18th, so we were able to go. yay!!
i bought a brand new camera before we left because i couldn't get it off my mind. ha! i know..i know..but it is a super cool camera. a Nikon coolpix. i will post pictures later. :)
needless to say, i didn't have much time to get the hang of my newly purchased camera. so i was just playing around with it and got a couple of shots of these two adorable girls before we took them to get their pictures taken with their cousins.

 ~Lilli and Abbi~

aren't they adorable!?
Love them! :]


later that night we headed over to bethies parents house for the christmas festivities.
there was so much yummy food! sandwiches-salads- chips-dip-candy & chocolate(that may be the same thing, but oh well)-dessert, ugh! it was so delish!
it was fun to sit around and chat with everyone(even though i had a blasted headache). everyone couldn't contain their excited because we all new the "big fella" was going to pay us a visit real soon.
here are some photos of the big guy himself
she loved him!
she just wanted the paper.
I didn't get a picture of Holly and Sharon with santa. Holly is so very scared of him that she was in the back bedroom with Sharon. I really hope that she outgrows this because it is really so sad. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Love ya Holl!

Tim and Carrie [and abbi too]

               It was so fun to get to spend time with great friends that I can honestly call my family.

[ornaments on Amandas christmas tree. love them!]