Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Living Traditions

a couple of weekends ago we headed up to salt lake city to the Living Traditions festival. it was held at the city county building. the festival is a place where people from the area go to share their traditions and customs of other countries. there is different performances from the different countries as well as food that they prepare from the different countries.

one of the reasons we went was because Laiza, a sweet lady from where i work, was performing a couple of dances from the Kanamu Tahitian dance company. we were excited to go see what the festival was all about, but we were happy to go and support Laiza and watch her dance her heart out.

we got to sample some of the yummy food from different countries and i have to say, the baklava was my all time favorite. after i ate it, i told myself that i should of bought 4 more pieces to take home. haha! it was that good. not only did we have baklava but we tried a tamale that was wrapped in a banana peel. it had a totally different flavor, but yet it was still good. we also tried a papusa. it is like a corn tortilla with beans and cheese in the middle and then fried. it was yummy! we also sampled some authentic chinese food. can't go wrong there.

there was a time during the night when the chinese people danced while in costume as a dragon. they do this dance during the chinese new year. i was pretty excited to see this it was really cool.

this is city county building where the festival was held. kind of a cool building.

the yummy food - this is a tamale wrapped in a banana peel. the fried corn tortilla with beans and cheese is the papusa. so good.

authentic chinese food. delish!

this is baklava. oh man i was seriously in heaven! look at all the layers of phyllo dough. it was so so good!

Laiza doing a dance performance from the Kanamu Tahitian dance company. She did an awesome job.

these are some other dancers from the Kanamu dance company.

these are the chinese dragon dancers. this was SOOO cool!!

i am glad we were able to go to the Living Traditions. it was an awesome experience and i look forward to going again soon. thanks Laiza for telling us about it. :]