Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So..I'm really trying to get caught up on my scrapbooking and I'm going to try and do this at least once a month. Last Saturday Mom and I had a fun day of scrapbooking. We started around noonish and didn't finish until like 8pm. was a loooong day! Brittany stopped by for awhile to help Mom out with her wedding pictures and to give us some great ideas. Thanks Brit...all the ideas you threw at us worked great! :)

As you can tell by the picture below we had all our goods spread out over the entire length of the ping-pong table..HA! Who would've thought that it would come in handy? It worked great and it gave us tons of room. My mom cracks me up because she tries so hard, but she had papers everywhere and I think she spent more time looking for things that she needed rather than Gotta love moms! :)

Can I just say that this gadget (the cricut) is AMAZING!! I saved so much time using it and it can pretty much do everything you want it to with the right cartridge. I LOVE it!!

So I completed 4 pages of scrapbooking. That is a record for me. I am such a slow scrapper, it drives me crazy! Anyways I took pictures of 2 of the pages that I did, so I could show them off! haha This first one is when we(my family) went to San Diego California a couple of years ago and my brother got us tickets to one of the Angels games. Now you have to know my brother and his 2 boys...they are die-hard baseball fans! No kidding..when baseball season rolls around, that is all that they think about. I don't really care for baseball but it was really fun to go to this game and I LOVE to watch my nephews play.

This page was in California and I think it was the first day we got there. I think the kids were a little stir crazy from being in the car so long..HA so we just let them run The ocean is so beautiful! I loved it there. I loved everything about it, but unfortunately our vacation had to end. I hope to go back someday! :)

Carly and I have been talking and we have been planning a scrapbooking day in March. I'm really looking forward to it! :)