Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Cricut Cutter!

OH MY HECK..Okay,so my mom has been debating on whether she should buy one of these cool Cricut Cutters or not. Well,today she gave in and bought one.I must say,this thing is AMAZING. If your into scrapbooking,making your own cards or anything that has to do with paper,it will do pretty much everything! Bethie and I made dinner tonite for my mom and dad and afterwards I was just playing around on the cutter,just to see what it really can do. I think I will be spending alot more time at moms now. :) So,you should check them out if your into this kind of stuff and if you get the chance to buy one,I will be spending some time at your house too..haha! :)

Jordan and Ashley..<3

We went to Jordan and Ashleys wedding reception last night in American Fork. They were married yesterday March 14,2008 in the Mount Timpangous Temple. I work with Jordan at Vantage. He is a neat kid. He makes me laugh at work by the little things he does and says. For instance...I was sitting at my desk building keypads and I heard someone calling my name. I looked up and there sat Jordan, with a blown up rubber glove that he had carefully drawn a face on, with his head pulled down in his shirt, while using the rubber glove for his head. That totally made my day! I was laughing so hard..LOL I don't know Ashley too well, but I've met her several times when she has came into Vantage to see Jordan. She looked so pretty in her wedding dress! Congratulations Jordan and Ashely!