Monday, December 13, 2010

update on mom

It has been a week since moms surgery and everything went very well. Since it was her first time having surgery, she got quite sick the day after due to the pain meds which she is very sensitive too as well as the anesthesia.
On wednesday she was feeling much better, but she lost alot of blood during the surgery so they decided to give her a blood transfusion to build it back up. They ended up giving her 2 pints. She starting feeling alot better after that and was able to get up for a bit and do some walking.
She finally got to come home on Thursday. :] I know it has been hard for her not being able to do the "little things" that we all seem to take for granted.
She has only been home for a week and is doing very well. She is walking great and doing awesome with her physical therapy. She does not have the same pain that she had before the surgery, she only has the surgical pain now. I'm pretty sure that her recovery will go quite fast and she will be back to normal in no time.
Thank you so much for thinking of her and keeping her in your prayers.
I love you Mom!

Sunday, December 5, 2010


As I was saying in a previous post, my mom has been having some problems with her hip and is having a very difficult time standing and is in alot of pain. She is going in for hip replacement surgey in the morning ( Dec. 6th, 2010). She is really nervous about the surgery as she has been a very healthy person until this time, so it is her first time having surgery in her life. She knows it is for the best because if she doesn't  have the surgery than she would possibly never  walk again. I love her so much and want the best for her! 
please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you!
I love you mom!


just wanted to share next set of wood blocks I have finished. I think this one is my favorite so far. 


Thanksgiving was a little different this year for our family. My mom has been having problems with her hip for some time now and has been having a difficult time standing, so this year we had dinner at my house with me and my brother cooking everything but the turkey and the rolls. I was a little nervous at first because I am not much of a cook, but everything turned out so good! :) It was nice to be able to cook for my mom, dad and niece and nephews for once in my own home. I love each of them and enjoy spending time with them.

[ brittany making delicious pumpkin pies ]-- the cute apron she is wearing was made by my wonderful mom. (sorry this picture is blurry)

[ i love this picture- kolbey and my mom looking at each other smiling ]

[ Mmmmm LETS EAT! ]

[ I think he would kill me if he knew this was on here ]

I hope you all had a great turkey day spent with loved ones!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


why do i have to be so indecisive about everything!?
** my clothes
** my shoes
** what to eat
** curly hair or straight hair

i guess thats not everything, but you know what i'm talking about, right?
thats all.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

dear blog,
i think you are really boring right now.
because it seems like i never have anything to say.
maybe its because i never have time to update.
when i first started this whole blog thing, it seemed like a fun way to keep in touch with people and to let those people now all the things happening in my life.
well, i guess i have a pretty boring life.
except for this weekend.
it was packed full of some pretty fun things.

spent a couple of hours at the womens show at the sandy expo center.
lots of jewelry, salons with lucky ladies getting their hair done super cute, a fun place to be able to learn about some things that us women don't know, but the men do.
a place to spend some time with my very dear friend. :)
catching up with my other friends brother (jayson) that i haven't seen in years.
the best part was
getting a massage. BLISS. 

going to a baby shower with my mom for a very close friend of my brothers.
knowing that if you have patience, pregnancy really will happen for those that truly deserve it.
Shae was glowing, as well as her husband clint.
such great people that truly deserve this new addition in their lives.
seeing their home for the first time and wishing i had the same skills in decorating as shae does.
maybe someday.
it was

going to dinner at chilis with some very dear friends.
shelly. bethie  and autumn.
playing catch up is always so fun.
reminicing about old times and learning new things happening now in each of their lives.
love all these ladies and look forward to the next visit with them. :)

finally finishing this craft project that i have been working on.
it was a tough one
but i thought it turned out super cute.


Monday, November 1, 2010

book review

- The Hunger Games series -




thats all i'm going to say.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

craft project

I have been having so much fun doing these letters! They kind of give me a break from the usual craft things that I would normally do. Don't get me wrong, I love scrapbooking but I get burned out on it and I end up doing it in spurts.
I had alot of help doing the witch hair, face and home-made broom. Thanks becky!

I love everything about fall,  especially HALLOWEEN!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

catching up! -- 3 posts in 1

There just is not enough time in the day for me to blog anymore. I miss it when i can't post something on my blog or read and comment on yours. so, bare with me while I play a little catching up. First up is.....
Grand Tetons/Yellowstone
Over Labor Day weekend we finally made our yearly trip to the tetons and yellowstone. We actually got there at a good time during the afternoon because we spent the night before in Logan at Amandas, so we were ahead by 2 hours. :] It is always a long drive there, but Amandas husband, Quinten suggested that we listen to "The Hunger Games" on tape. I have a hard time following on tape, especially when there is other things to look at. Lets just say that I finally got into it on our way home. we didn't have time to finish it, so i HAD to buy it on my kindle because it was so good. It really did make our travel alot faster.
Friday night after we set up camp we went to Leeks Marina for some pizza since we all still looked presentable. haha! It was really good for eating there for the first time.
{Leeks Marina}
Saturday we spent some time at the chapel of transfiguration, the mennors ferry, the new moose visitors center, canoeing string lake as well as the river and hiking. There is just so much to see and do in the tetons, that you need alot of time or extra days to fit everything in.

{Holly + Amanda inside the Chapel of Transfiguration}
{Holly + I}
{Me,Bethie,Amanda, Holly and Maggie}
{Bethie at the Mennors Ferry General Store}

{beautiful tetons and mount moran}
{Holly getting ready to go down the river}
{Bethie + Holly on our hike to swan lake}
{Swan Lake}

Sunday we woke up and had a good breakfast and headed to Yellowstone. We took several detours on our way there looking at different sites. we stopped and checked out some geysers, the canyons and lower falls.

{dragons mouth geyser} stinky!!

{mud pots}
{tons of buffalo on the side of the road}
{Lower Falls} absolutely breathtaking!!

{Diane, Amanda + Holly at the brink of lower falls}

 On our way to tower, we spotted a bear on the side of the road. we seriously had front row seats from the car. it was SOO cool! such an adrenaline rush. I love seeing bears there or any other type of wildlife.

{this buffalo was just taking a stroll down the road causing a total traffic jam or should i say "buffalo jam"}

 It was so cold in yellowstone, but we stopped and had some lunch and then headed to Old Faithful. It was also very cold there, so we stayed inside to watch the geyser erupt.

We walked over to the lodge to get some souveniers in the freezing cold and once we were inside, it started to snow. yes, you read that started to SNOW! it was sooo crazy!! We decided not to stay too long at the lodge, because the snow was starting to pick up and we didn't want to get caught in a terrible storm with the snow sticking to the roads, so we headed back towards the tetons. This night was the coldest night there, but we were prepared. I'm so glad i brought my gloves because i slept with them on my hands that night. haha!
I never ever want to leave the tetons once there because i never know when we will be going back. time seems to go by so fast there and i'm always wishing we have more time. Monday morning came and I knew that it was time to say good-bye for another year.
I LOVE the tetons! :]

My 1yr. check-up with the RP specialist
I can't believe its been one year since I was diagnosed with RP. I guess you could say I was a little scared going into this, just because I didn't want to hear that my vision has gotten worse. I kind of knew that my vision at night has worsened, but I was hoping for nothing more.
The Drs. assistant asked me if I have noticed any difference in my vision,  and I haven't during the day, but i'm to the point now that I WILL NOT drive at night unless i'm going a very short distance. I also mentioned that I tried the vitamin A for about a month and a half to slow the process of RP down, but I experienced some moods that I had no idea I was doing until other people pointed them out to me. I became very easily agitated and irritated for no reason and I had no idea that I was like that at all.  I told him that I am no longer taking the medicine for my roomates sake. haha! Oh and everyone else that is around me on a daily basis. I told him that after being off of the vitamin A , I have not experienced any of those symptoms again. thank goodness. :]
They dilated my eyes and while I was seeing the Dr. he told me that everything seems to be the same. YAY!! He did ask me if I needed any visual aids for not seeing well at night. I just told him I have just been using a flashlight and that seems to be efficient for now. He did ask if I am still able to work, which I am and I'm grateful.
They also took photos of my eyes to check the rods and cones and he said that the pigment of my eyes have not changed and the rods and cones have not worsened.
I think I am being well taken care of here at the retina specialist for now. Hopefully in the next several years there will be no change for a very long time.

Stewart Falls Hike 

A couple of weeks ago, Bethie and I took a leisurely drive up American Fork Canyon to see the amazing fall colors. I think fall is my favorite season because of the changing of the leaves. Anyways we did the drive up around the Alpine Loop and as we were coming up by Sundance we thought that it would be a great day to do this hike. I'm so glad we did, even though it totally kicked our butts! These pictures seriously don't do it justice.

{{this was taken before we got to sundance}}

 {{the leaves were starting to change here}}

 {{the higher we got, the brighter they were}}
 {{this was just before we got to the falls}}
 {{the pink & bright red leaves were my favorite}}
 {{we finally made it! Yay!}}

 {{so pretty!}}

I want to come back again someday and do this hike again. It was worth it in the end to see this waterfall.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lion King...

... was fantastic!!
I'm not sure if i need to say anything more about this show. seriously, it was amazing! Bethie and I bought our tickets clear back in February. I didn't think August 14th 2010 would get here fast enough. The tickets were pricey, but i would totally do it all over again. I loved it!
We had initially planned to ride tracks to salt lake, but we were running a little late so we just drove to the Capitol Theatre, and i am so glad that we did because if we were late, we couldn't be let in until 10 minutes after the show started. the first 10 minutes was by far the best! i seriously, no joke, had chills for that first 10 minutes because the animals ( puppets ) were walking in the aisles next to us to get to the stage. So cool!

 I wasn't able to get many pictures because you are not allowed to take them inside the capitol theatre, but i will never forget this night! It was so much fun and i'm glad i got to experience it and see a spectacular showing of Lion King. :)