Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

First of all,on our way to work this morning, this is what we saw...

I haven't seen a sunrise this beautiful in a long time.

Today we had our annual Halloween party at work. You can dress up if you want and they also have a pumpkin carving contest. Oh, and they give prizes away for the costumes. There were alot of great pumpkins and the costumes looked amazing as well, so I snagged a few pictures...

This one was my favorite pumpkin. Larry did a great job and he even won for the cutest pumpkin. Way to go Larry!!

This one was awesome! Notice the keypad on the right? If you pushed one of the buttons the dracula guy on the top spun around and played music. This one won best of show. Great job Austin!

This castle done by Ryan won for most creative.

And now for the costumes..

Lachelle as a witch and Loni as Violet from Charlie and the chocolate factory (her son was an oompa loompa) So cute!

Vernon as Shrek. He won for best look-alike.

Shaunna was a barrel of monkeys and won for the cutest costume.

Neds costume was hilarious! He won for funniest and best of show. Go Ned!

Sara was a cute angel. But don't let her fool real life, she is definetely no angel..haha!

Whitney brought little Kiah in today. She was dressed up in a little kitty costume. Isn't she so cute?

Have a fun and safe Halloween! :)