Sunday, April 17, 2011

California Trip - Day 1 Thursday April 7th,2011

After months of planning, this day came so quick that it was almost like we didn't have time to plan at all. Our destination....Windsor California/San Francisco California. :)

We packed up the car (my moms car) THANKS MOM!! :) and left early Thursday morning. Our first stop was going to be in Lake Tahoe and we all knew that it was going to be a long drive and seriously it was, with nothing to see but desert all around us. :/  So, what did we do.....

we slept...

well sort of....haha.

and we tried to strangle ourselves with seatbelts too. haha
We made it safely to Lake Tahoe and was very surprised to see that it was snowing and had been snowing ALOT!  I thought we were leaving Utah because of the weather? It was crazy how much it had snowed there. I have to admit though, it was very beautiful, oh so cold as well!

Yes, our condo was at 7,400 ft in elevation. Basically at the top of the mountain, where it was 10x as cold as it was in the valley. 

This picture was taken near our condo. you can see the valley with Lake Tahoe in the background. It was quite the view.
After we got settled in at the condo we ventured out to find something to eat. Poor Brittany had a migraine that night, so we went on the hunt to find her a cheeseburger per her request. We took her burger back to the condo and then  Me, Kim, Kasey and Kolbey went to Cabo Wabo Cantina,  Kims favorite place to go because of Sammy Hagar. Sammys son actually owns this cabo wabo and it was fun to see. For me, the food was just ok. Kim ordered me a waborita, which i didn't even drink half of and was feeling a little tipsy, so I stopped. The atmosphere was awesome and the waitresses were very nice.

Here is a photo taken at Cabo Wabo of all of us...minus brit. we missed you brittany!
Sorry for the blurriness, its a picture taken of a picture.
good times!

We were all pretty tired from the drive from Utah, that once we got back to the condo after dinner, we all pretty much crashed! 
I wish it had been a little bit warmer in Tahoe to see more things, but that just means I will need to go back in the summer when its warmer.
Our first leg of the trip was over and we had more to see in the morning. :)