Monday, April 21, 2008


Now these are no ordinary cookies. These are Uncle Biffs Killer Cookies! There is actually a store in California where they make and sell these awesome cookies. I know that your asking yourself.."why these cookies?" There is a story behind them, so I will fill you in.
About 3 years ago I went on a vacation with my family to San Diego California. Longest drive of my entire life let me tell you. We were on our way to find our hotel room and we ended up on some side street. My brother had to flip around because unfortunately that was not the street that we needed. As he flipped around, low and behold there it was...Uncle Biffs Killer Cookie shop. I guess you just had to be there, because we were laughing about this the whole enire time,because of the name. Even my mom was laughing..haha!
Anyways, my niece and nephews just got back from San Diego on Friday from spring break. I told Brittany to bring me back something cool. I met them at my moms on Friday when they got back and Kasey handed me this box. I was thinking it was some little Knick Knack or something. I looked at the sticker on the top of the box and it said, "Uncle Biffs Killer Cookies!" haha They actually found this place after 3 years. I was dumbfounded. I guess their hotel was somewhere around the same place and they found it. So that was cool. The cookies are good, but Bethies are so much better! :) Thanks guys for the cookies, your awesome!
Sorry to bore you with my ramblings, I thought it was funny that they found this place again.