Friday, May 13, 2011

California Trip - Day 5 Monday April 11, 2011

today was GAME DAY.

Giants vs Dodgers
everyone was excited, especially the boys of course.

we spent some time at pier 39  before we went to the game.
we saw some pretty crazy people, watched the seals, ate lunch and shopped. It was alot of fun and there really wasn't enough time to see everything.

the bay bridge

there was alot of these people in san fran, they do any little thing to make money somehow. this guy was acting like a robot to get money but when i walked by him he stopped doing his "robot movements" so i stopped and snapped a picture of him. while i was taking his picture he said "donation!" I got his picture and walked

Alcatraz - would love to go on a tour here someday.

I went here and got the most amazing sourdough bread that i have ever had!

off to the game... :)
It was windy, it was FREEZING- need I say more!?

don't get in the way of the fans during a game or after a game when these 2 rivalry teams play against each other. apparantly there was a fan that got beat up after a game when these teams played and is still  in a coma.
in this picture the teams were talking about being a rivalry and to let the fans know to come and have fun at the games, but to keep it there and not take it elsewhere if they get mad that an opposing team wins. its not worth your life.
it was kind neat to see both teams come together.

a random fan.

i loved that the stadium was y on the water. it was pretty, yet freezing.

I told kasey to take my camera and get some closer pictures of the players. he came back with this amazing picture.

** i have been trying to put videos on here, but blogger is being so dumb. if you have any suggestions please let me know.