Thursday, March 6, 2008

Fender Bender and Weigh In!

I was leaving work today with the anticipation of making it home safely. I was stopped waiting to make a right hand turn out of the parking lot, looking left to make sure the traffic was clear. All of a sudden I felt a "JOLT", Bethie and I looked at each other like,"WHAT WAS THAT?" I thought maybe my foot slipped off of the brake pedal,but my foot was actually still on the brake pedal. I just happened to look up and look in my rear view mirror and I saw Alexis backing up. In that instant I knew I had been HIT! AAAAAAAHHHHH.... Alexis and I both pulled back into the parking lot, to check my car and make sure it wasn't too badly damaged. Alexis was so funny, she could not stop apologizing. "I looked down for just a sec", she said. All was well with my car..just a small scratch on the rear bumper. After all the HUGS and APOLOGIES from Alexis, Bethie and I were back on the road!

On a more positive note. We have to weigh in at weight watchers once a week. Thursday is weigh in for me and I lost 1.2 pounds. My total weight loss is now 10pounds. YES! And I got another 5 pound star. :)