Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Doctors Visits...

To start treatment for my RP, I had 2 doctors appointments last week. One was with my general doctor and the other one was with the retina specialist.
I needed to get a liver function test and talk to my general dr. about vitamin A. She wasn't able to answer too many specific questions that I had about the vitamin, only that it does damage your liver quite a bit. If I am going to go ahead and take it, then I would need to get blood work done to check my liver every year.

I have been doing alot of research online about vitamin A, so when I went to see the retina specilaist, I think he was kind of shocked that I knew so much about it, ha. He confirmed that vitamin A only slows down the progression of RP by 2% a year. That is not a very big percentage, but if it is your eyes then you will do everything you can to keep some of your sight. He also stated that there is no side affects of the vitamin, which is good. They dilated my eyes again and checked to make sure they weren't any worse etc. There was no change. I did talk to him about my experience with Amanda, and why I was holding back on taking the vitamin. He totally understood if I didn't want to take it, but said that it is very unlikely that something like that would happen to me. I told him that I was still torn and very unsure, but he wrote down exactly what I needed and to call him if I had anymore questions. I go back to see the retina specialist in another year to see if anything has changed.

*** Logan ***

Oh how I LOVE fall! :) Last weekend we went to Logan/Idaho for Beths nephews blessing. Brittany was taking pictures of Derek that same weekend and Becky decided to do them up Logan canyon. Oh, it was beautiful! I snapped a few photos of the leaves while we were there. The colors of the leaves had not completely changed yet, but I thought they were so pretty.
Enjoy! :)