Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Photo Tag

I was tagged by Carly a little while ago(sorry Carly). The rules are to take a photo of each, no tidying up allowed..(at least not too much).

1. Kitchen Sink...

2. The Refrigerator... looks a little cluttery,but its alot of our favorite of The Tetons, photos of family, and our favorite quote, "Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels."

3. Laundry Room... yes the laundry room is in the bathroom, I absolutely HATE it! It makes everything in there always so dirty because of the lint.

4. My Children... none yet

5. My favorite room.. is the living room. Its the area where I read,watch tv,scrapbook and eat. I LOVE the shelves where all our books are. Its our own little library.

5. My Closet... as you can see I have tons of clothes and not a whole lot of space. I think I'm due for a walk-in closet, or maybe I should get rid of a few clothes that DON'T fit me anymore?

6. The Toilet...

7. My Favorite Shoes... my sketchers flip-flops that Amanda gave me for my birthday.:) Soooo comfy!!

8. My Dream Vacation... Oh how I would love to be in this tropical getaway..HAWAII.

9. Self Portrait..

I tag..Brittany, Shelly and Ashley
Or whoever would like to play along.