Friday, April 30, 2010


i have been such a slacker when it comes to blogging lately, but in my defense i have been so so busy. who would of thought that buying a house would of turned out to be SO much work. don't get me wrong, i absolutely love having the house and wouldn't change it for anything. :)
with spring here (well maybe) and summer just around the corner we have been busy doing yardwork. my brother Kim seems to think that planting an agressive/low maintenance ground cover is the bomb! you don't have to weed it, just basically let it take over everywhere. well, to me it looks like weeds and it is just plain, we are ripping it all out! oh man, what a chore that has been. we have already pulled up the front part by the living room, but now we have the whole south side to pull up as well as some ground cover by the kitchen. we may just have to use something to kill it because it is going to take 4-ever to rip that all out!

last week we planted a few things and are excited to see how things progress. we planted 2 coneflower plants and a rose bush. we also added some solar lights along the walkway that i absolutely love. we would like to plant a small garden, but if we use weed killer for the ground cover, i'm not really sure if we will be able to plant something there. i think we are also going to plant a lilac bush on the south side of the gate that goes into the backyard. it is definetely a work in progress. alot of work to be honest, but the outcome will make the yard look tons better. :)
there is alot of things that i would still like to do inside the house as well. some of the projects that i would like to do are:

  1. paint 7-8 doors.
  2. get curtain rods and hang curtains.
  3. get craft room organized and paint..get blinds .
  4. fix and re-paint the wall where big "dead" animals were hanging.
  5. fix and re-paint wall in my bedroom.
  6. have kim make frames and shelf for the living room
  7. hang pictures
  8. organize garage so we can park in there. :)
well that is just a few projects i have in mind and i would like to do. i'm going to have to take it one step at a time or it will NEVER get done.
i will try and be better at posting, but with the warmer weather comes added work. i feel like that is all i do.
i would much rather be sewing, scrapbooking, relaxing, reading etc etc...ah well, maybe someday.
anyways, thanks for listening. :)

p.s. i will try and post pictures later. my computer is currently not working. sorry.

Friday, April 9, 2010

walk it challenge

weight watchers is doing a walk it challenge this year on June 5th. it will be a 5k in provo somewhere, i don't have all the details yet but i'm really excited about it. i haven't been as motivated as i should be and i think this is just what i need. i just know a 5k is one of the goals i have had since joining weight watchers and this is an awesome opportunity to achieve it. :)
they gave us a booklet that has a schedule in it that we can use to train for it. we have to walk for 5 days and rest for 2 and each day is a little longer than the day before. i am already walking/jogging for 45 minutes to an hour so i know i can do this.
you don't have to be a runner to do this challenge. you can walk the whole way if you want or run/walk. i just know that whatever i decide to do, it will be for me. let the training begin... :)