Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pioneer Day 2009

What a way to celebrate Pioneer Day with country music from the 80's and 90's and love songs that you never seem to forget. Restless Heart and Collin Rae came to the scera shell and performed under the stars, which is the best setting ever!! It was a fun night.
Favorite Restless Heart songs:
  • I'll Still Be Loving You
  • Why Does It Have To Be (wrong or right)
  • When She Cries
  • Bluest Eyes in Texas
  • A Tender Lie
  • That Rock Won't Roll
  • Fast Movin' Train
  • Long Lost Friend
  • Dancy's Dream
Favorite Songs of Collin Rae:
  • Love Me
  • I Can Still Feel You
  • That Was A River
  • One Boy, One Girl
  • Little Rock
  • When I Think About You
  • In This Life
  • The Gift
I hope you all had a fun and safe Pioneer Day!!
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Steel Days '09

I am a little late posting about this years Steel Days events. Better late than never, right? It turned out to be a full day of fun for everyone.
We started out the day with the parade, which was super long (about 2 hrs) serioulsy! Oh and lets not forget about sitting in 100 degree weather for those 2 hrs or so..yeah, definetely miserable! But we had a great time and we had a great spot with shade from mom and dads umbrella. :) Whos complaining?
Mom, Bethie and I went and walked around the car show and boutique after the parade. There was a lot of saweeet cars there. Mom kept saying, "we used" to have a car like this or "we used" to have a car like that. I think she was wishing she still had all of them and is kickin herself for not keeping them. Good times....
Bethie and I walked down to main street and watched the cars drag main later after the car show. I don't know which was funnier.. the crazy people watching the cars drive by, or the people in the cars wondering about us crazy people watching them, ha!
What a busy day it was, but the fun wasn't over yet. We still had a BBQ to go to at mom and dads and then the fireworks after. As always AF city puts on a great fireworks show, and we have the best seats in town with parking!! We can see them in mom and dads backyard, Its so great! Here are a few shots of our fun day. :)

Can I just say that I love all of them!!

American Fork marching band, cinderalla, the bagpipes and rainbow brite were a few of my favs.
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Monday, July 13, 2009

{ Ice Age 3 }

Yesterday, it was an Ice Age family reunion! The whole herd...ehh em...I mean the whole family met at the theatre to to see Ice Age 3 in 3D.

The cast consisted of:

** Stacey as......SID
"I'm too young to be eaten!"

**Jacki as....MANNY
"After we rescue Sid, I'm going to kill him!"

**Brittany as....CRASH
"Wait.You mean there is something "bigger"than mommy dinosaur?"

**Mom as...EDDIE
"Uhh, can you repeat the question?"

**Bethie(not in attendance)as....DIEGO
"Look, who are we kidding, Manny, I'm-I'm-I'm not a kitty cat, I'm a sabre. I'm not really built for chaperoning play dates."

We also need someone to to play the role of BUCK and SCRAT. I think Kim as Buck and Dad playing the role of Scrat would work out just fine. :D

Well, if you have not read a previous post of my family and our "inside joke" of ice age, you should check it out sometime, it is quite hilarious.
Anywhooooo....Ice Age 3 was pretty good. Although it was not my favorite, I give it about 3 stars. My favorite is the first one of this series. So, if you have not checked it out, I recommend it and its a must to see it in 3D.

Here is Mom, Brittany and myself sporting our awesome 3D glasses.

haha...look at Brittanys eyes, she has glasses under her glasses

It was a fun day at the movies with the fam. Love them!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July Festivities

I love the 4th of July! I am so very proud to live in this country and be an American! Thanks to all those soldiers out there that are fighting so hard for our freedom.
So, I drove back up to Logan for the 4th of July weekend. We had some fun things planned and I had to pick bethie up as well because she spent the week at Amanda and Quintins.

Friday night we went and watched the fireworks at the stadium...well, we didn't go in the stadium, we sat nearby. Carries family had saved some spots so we just sat with them. We ordered a few pizzas and just hung out waiting for the fireworks to start.

Abbi before the fireworks started

Bethie and I...yeah, carrie didn't want to be left out of the picture..haha!

I didn't think that the fireworks were really that good this year. The grand finale was really lame! I couldn't believe that Abbi was not scared at all with the loud noises that comes with the fireworks. Look at her...she is in a daze and concentrating so hard. Love it!

Saturday morning we were able to make it to the parade in Hyrum. We left kind of late, but were able to get ok seats at the cemetary. I love parades but it seems like there are no floats anymore. Its all just advertising for businesses and what fun is that for the kids to just see cars and firetrucks driving down the road?

Here is Quintin,Tim and Amanda at the parade

This is the first parade that Abbi has been to that she was really aware of what was going on. She loved it and was waving to everyone. Here she is just patiently waiting for the parade to start.

Here is the many cute faces of Abbi. This is here "oooooooh" face. And look at me, I'm trying to copy her, ha!

She was clapping at something here. It could have been the marching band from mountain crest.

We didn't walk around any of the booths in Hyrum or at the fairgrounds this year. It was just to darn HOT! Amanda, Quintin, Bethie and I decided to go to lunch at The Beehive Grill. It was pretty good, but our waiter was kind of lame.
A little while later we walked up to main street from Amandas house and watched the Cruise In. This is where the oldies cars that were at the fairgrounds are able to drag main for a little bit while all of us watch them drive by. Here are a couple of my favorites.....

I took a picture of this car for a reason. My parents had this exact same car. Same color, same model, same everything. They gave it away to the boy scouts so they could use it in a demolition derby...what were they thinking?? I think they are kicking themselves now after seeing this picture.

Haha...this is the Back to the Future car. See the resemblance?? Even the driver and passenger look like good ole' doc.
After we watched the cars drag main, we all went over to Karl and Beckys for a bonfire where we roasted some hot dogs, made s'mores and just visited with great friends.
Once again, it was a really fun and memorable weekend in Logan.
I hope you all had a fun and safe 4th of July! :)