Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fathers Day..

We had a BBQ at my parents house for Fathers Day. We enjoyed some yummy food which consisted of shish-ka-bobs, chicken, baked potatoes and cake(thanks brit). We even had a lesson on how to do karate..but I will get to that later.

I think my dad is a pretty awesome guy and I wouldn't want any other. He has been through ALOT these past couple of years,including 3 heart surgeries, back surgery, and emergency brain surgery. The brain surgery has left him a little slower and not so active, although he does so much and he tries his very best at everything to make everyone happy. His mind just works a little slower and sometimes we need to help him instead of him always helping us. He loves to camp, fish, work non-stop in the yard and an amazing artist. He is someone that I can go to for anything and I really look up to him. Thanks dad for all that you
do..I LOVE you with all of my heart.
My dad has taught shotokan karate for many years. He quit teaching because he had to take care of my grandparents. To this day we still reminice about karate and that it would be great to start it back up. So on Fathers day my brother decided to get the kicking bag out and set it up outside. All of my nephews thought it would be cool to kick it. But my brother had other ideas and decided to teach them the RIGHT way. It was funny watching them learn, but it brought back alot of memories of my days in karate. I hope that karate will stay in the family somehow, whether it be by my brother or my nephews. I also think that my dad enjoyed watching Kim teach the boys because he has been wanting to do that for so long and hasn't been able to. I look forward to seeing my nephews learn karate a little more each day.

The King and I...

This past Saturday(June 14th) Bethie and I went to our first play at the Scera Shell..Yay! We live for this time of year and going to the Scera is a blast. They have so many good plays and concerts there and alot of very talented people

The play turned out to be really good, even though I didn't know much about the storyline. I'm looking forward to our next play at Scera which is going to be "Footloose"...Yay!