Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Today is my SIL Staceys birthday. Here are a few reasons why I love her. :)

Who wouln't love a cute face like this?


When there are other people that don't want to take care of the baby, Sid(stacey) automatically becomes the "poop checker."

I know that Sid(stacey) loves Manny(me) because she likes to snuggle with me even though I might snore or make some other noise with my body that I don't have control over.

She walks kind of silly...haha

Crash and Eddie(my mom and Brittany) can be obnoxious at times and they seem to pick on Manny(me) quite often. Sid(stacey)tries to be the peacemaker and makes sure everyone gets along.

Shes the ultimate "fire starter" and can get people to dance with her at the swipe of a single match, as well as make very weird noises when provoked.

And the biggest reason of all that we love Sid(stacey) is because she is the leader of our herd! Even though we don't always seem to follow her rules...HA!

Diego(Bethie) is the tough one of the herd. Diego(bethie) has been known to be mean to Sid(stacey) and occasionally tries to eat her. But Sid(stacey) knows who the "real" leader of the herd is, so she will just ignore Diego.

After writing this post, I realized that we as a family watch way too much Ice Age..haha! I can't remember how this all started with each member of the fam becoming a character in the movie, but seriously it is hilarious to joke about. Stacey can talk exactly like Sid haha..its so funny!! This is all a little side joke with my family, in case you were wondering.

Love ya Stacey! I hope you have a fabulous birthday!! :)