Friday, October 24, 2008

Last weekend--Logan (long post)

Alot has been happening this past week, so i'm a little behind on my blogging..sorry. :(

Last weekend Bethie and I took a trip into Logan to spend some time with Becky since Karl is gone away for 6 weeks to boot camp for the guard. We arrived there on Thursday night and just pretty much took it easy and went to bed early.

Friday morning Carrie brought sweet Abbi over so that we could babysit her while she worked all day. What a cutie she is!! Makes me want to have a baby :) Here are some of my favorite pictures that we took of her being so stinkin' cute!!
I had a really hard time trying to find my faves, because they are all adorable

I love this one of her looking out the window!

This one she looks like a little china doll

I had to throw this one the scrunched up nose.

For lunch on Friday we met Becky at Cafe Sabor. I love this place it is always so delish and when we go to Logan we always want to eat there now.
After lunch we went to Amandas to visit and let Abbi play. She decided that she didn't want to sleep at all since she was having so much fun and I think she was worried that she would miss out on something..haha. So, we left Amandas and decided to take a drive up Logan canyon to see if we could get her to sleep. She slept all the way going up, but coming down she woke up..haha..she probably didn't want to miss out on anything again. ( by the way the canyon was beautiful!! )

Holly and Abbi

Tim and Carrie offered to cook us dinner on Friday night, so we headed over to their place after our drive. They were cooking up BBQ chicken and cheesy was YUMMY! Thanks guys!! We had an intense game of Skip-bo going on while dinner was cooking it was fun!! Bethie won of course. LOL

On Saturday we got to babysit Abbi again since Tim and Carrie had a wedding to attend and Tim was the best man.
This is about the time when my weekend absolutely sucked!! I was getting ready for the day, after putting in my contacts I was looking in the mirror applying some make-up, when I realized my contact was no longer in my right eye. As I'm still going through a transition period of switching from soft to hard lenses..i was literally freaking out!! We searched high and low for that contact and it was nowhere to be found. I wanted to cry because i knew that I would get charged for it and I did not want to walk around one-eyed the rest of the weekend. :(
We went to Chilis for lunch and then headed over to Borders Bookstore to look at a few books. I bought Faith Hills Christmas CD....wait, did I just say Christmas?! It sure is coming up awfully fast...holy cow!! The clips that I have heard from this CD sound amazing, so I'm excited!!

Bethies sister Amanda got engaged last week, so we had the opportunity to go view her wedding dress at 4:00pm that she found at Levins. Her dress is absolutely beautiful and I am very happy for her and Quintin. Here are a few pictures of her dress..

We then headed back to Amandas and visited with Bethies family and had some carrot cake that her dad had made.
When we arrived back at Beckys a little while later, we had a round of the game BUZZ on the playstation, made a run to taco bell for some tacos, and watched some home videos of Becky, Karl and Derek. What a cute little baby Derek was..!! We also got to watch Abbi overnight :)
Look how innocent she looks here..haha! I just want to squish her cheeks!

Sunday...oh how I remember Sunday! I woke up so so so sick :( Everyone got up and got ready to go to breakfast at Village Inn and oh how I so wanted to go and have some Yummy breakfast that I always look forward to when we go to Logan. But I was so nauseated, light-headed, dizzy and just wanted to basically sleep, so I passed up the offer. When Bethie got back, she said we should start heading for home, since I was so sick and didn't want to get sicker or get really sick in the car. Let me tell you, that had to be one of the longest rides home in my entire life. The motion of the car just made me more nauseated. But we made it.
Mike and Carly....sorry we missed ya.

Sorry for not blogging sooner, but I was actually sick Sunday-Tuesday, and busy the rest of the week trying to catch up on things.

We heart Logan!!