Sunday, November 7, 2010

dear blog,
i think you are really boring right now.
because it seems like i never have anything to say.
maybe its because i never have time to update.
when i first started this whole blog thing, it seemed like a fun way to keep in touch with people and to let those people now all the things happening in my life.
well, i guess i have a pretty boring life.
except for this weekend.
it was packed full of some pretty fun things.

spent a couple of hours at the womens show at the sandy expo center.
lots of jewelry, salons with lucky ladies getting their hair done super cute, a fun place to be able to learn about some things that us women don't know, but the men do.
a place to spend some time with my very dear friend. :)
catching up with my other friends brother (jayson) that i haven't seen in years.
the best part was
getting a massage. BLISS. 

going to a baby shower with my mom for a very close friend of my brothers.
knowing that if you have patience, pregnancy really will happen for those that truly deserve it.
Shae was glowing, as well as her husband clint.
such great people that truly deserve this new addition in their lives.
seeing their home for the first time and wishing i had the same skills in decorating as shae does.
maybe someday.
it was

going to dinner at chilis with some very dear friends.
shelly. bethie  and autumn.
playing catch up is always so fun.
reminicing about old times and learning new things happening now in each of their lives.
love all these ladies and look forward to the next visit with them. :)

finally finishing this craft project that i have been working on.
it was a tough one
but i thought it turned out super cute.